I always tell people, "I was born listening
to classic county music". My father was a
popular local musician and I went with him
to most every gig at a young age. I have
pretty much been dragging a guitar around
since I could walk. I guess you could say I
was destined to play. I was successfully
learning to play songs at age 4 or 5.

At the age of 13 I joined my first gigging
band, Midnight Gold. Accompanied by my
Mother, I was already able to be out
playing at bars and clubs. From that point
on, I was always playing in a  band. I have
played with a lot of great musicians and
made loads of friends throughout the years.

I feel fortunate that my friends in DGB
asked me to join them when their original
guitar player moved out of state. What an
absolutely awesome opportunity to share the
stage and make music with these super
talented bunch of guys.