I started playing violin in 5th Grade on the first
year of the new school string program. The very
next year we had an excellent, vibrant new
teacher take over the program (Miss Kraynok) who
taught me all the way through graduation (Thanks
Shiela!). During the time while I was learning
classical, I was learning fiddle and country
music through my Dad who was a musician himself
(and still is) and my family who are all
musicians. Dad drove me everywhere there was an
opportunity for us to play and for me to learn
for the next several years (Thanks Dad!). After
one band with others my own age, I joined up with
a bluegrass band (The Diamondback Rattlers) and
continued to learn through their expertise and
creativity for the 40 years and counting (Thanks
Roy, Marc, and Curt!). Along with various other
local country bands, during this same time I
worked with local legend Bucky Moon from 1982
until his passing in 2010. Through him I was able
to play about every country classic you could
think of (thanks Buck!). A little later parallel
of this period I also played with a local
country/ southern rock/ classic rock band
“Silverado”. We lasted through several iterations
until about 2010 (Thanks Rod, Harold, Stan,
Terry, Larry, Sandy, Billy, Bob, Danny). So as
you can see, I love just about any style of music
I can get to play and still perform with several
of these folks and others whenever possible.
Which brings me to present. With a new recording
project in mind for myself, I started calling on
some past and newly developed friends to assist
me. The dynamic of the recording process went so
well, it spawned the creation of the Dean Goble
Band. I am so proud to be working with such
talented musicians of this caliber and I am
humbled by the fact that they are teaming up with
me to be a part of this group!